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I think I’m a Montréaler now…

Last Caturday, walking back to obskura‘s after a party:

<scjody> I’m kinda hungry. Is there any good food around here that isn’t Dad’s?
<obskura> There’s a pizza place up ahead.
<scjody> That sounds good. Is it the kind of place where I can get une pointe? Um, uh, I mean a slice. Couldn’t remember the English word.

Cruella FYI

Cruella had a fire last night and will probably be closed for the next few months. Looks like it started in the shoe place on the corner (to the left.) The shoe place will probably have to be rebuilt, but Cruella looks like it will be fine as long as they have money in the bank (or insurance) to cover the repairs, smoke damage to clothes, etc.

Wildside Plans

The Wildside Festival is already well underway… here’s a chance to see some fringe and fringe-like plays you might have missed for 2x the price in a different theatre :)

I’m going to see everything I haven’t seen already:

  • The Sputniks, 21:00 Sunday January 18
  • The Ballad of the Young Offender, 19:00 Friday January 23
  • The Invisible Life Of Joseph Finch, 21:00 Friday January 23
  • The Shape of a Girl, 13:00 Caturday January 24

Anything not on my list is also worth seeing, I’ve just seen it already :)

La Bella Luna

Does anyone want to go see La Bella Luna with me? I have 2 tickets.. Remaining shows I can make it to are: Wednesday, December 10th @ 8:00pm, Thursday, December 11th @ 8:00 pm, Friday, December 12th @ 8:00 pm.

The Moon falls in love with a waiter, dark forces plot revenge while Benjamin doubts his friend’s sanity in this darkly romantic sing-along. With faeries.

Google Maps now does Montréal transit directions. Finally!

Though I wish I could tell it “don’t bother with a 3 minute bus ride; I’ll walk” or that Mont-Royal is only 7 minutes from here, not 11.

Update: ah, you sorta can do the first one by telling it to go to the métro station of your choice, not your actual destination.

I’m on teevee

scjody: Hello? Hellooo…
Telemarketer: Bonjour. Est-ce que c’est.. euh.. J McIntyre?
scjody: Yes, it is, what do you want?
Telemarketer: Est-ce que vous parlez en Francais?
scjody: Euh, pas aux etrangers. (click)

I really need to translate the Counterscript.

Update, from dgryski on IRC: traduction française

Does anyone else want to go to Clean Irene and Dirty Maxene on Saturday? Tickets at the door only so nothing is guaranteed. angorian and cpirate both highly recommend it.


Apparently RAMROD is not a movable feast. It will be happening on Saturday the 22nd, which means I’m not going to xkcd day – but the rest of you should still go…

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of RAMROD, it is the Ride Around Mount Royal in One Day. Every year, Vélo Québec organizes a ride they call “le Tour de l’ÃŽle”. Unfortunately, it’s not actually a tour of the island, but rather a small section somewhere in the middle. RAMROD, on the other hand, is a real tour in that we will ride on the closest available road or trail to the water, all the way around.

cpirate did both halves on separate days last year. Unfortunately, doing that adds about 30km to each day—we live in the middle of the island so there’s a bunch of extra riding to the edge. Therefore, if we cut out some of that, the whole island is actually a very reasonable day’s ride. Plus we have better bikes this year :)

Apparently THUNDERSPANK is back for one night only – Monday at 8pm and 10pm at the MainLine.

I’m going to one of those – anyone else interested in seeing it, or seeing it again?

Thanks to girlintheclouds for pointing this out!

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