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For reference: it is possible to ride 47km at ludicrous speed with 3 of the best apple pies in the world in a shoulderbag, and have them arrive almost completely intact.

I’m on teevee

Saturday afternoon fun

  1. Cover furniture with plastic (optional, depends on how much you like your furniture.)
  2. Erect tent fly in living room (heh heh, he said erect.)
  3. Wash fly using mild soap, rinse using water.
  4. Meanwhile, wash inner tent using mild soap in front loading washing machine, delicate cycle, no spin.
  5. Apply Nikwax Tent and Gear Proof to fly as directed on bottle.
  6. Coax cat back out from under bed using cat treats.
  7. Allow to dry overnight (the tent, not the cat.)

Tent, drying

The horror, the horror

I went to messiahdivine and cloquewerk‘s place last night and we eventually ended up playing Arkham Horror. I’m fairly convinced games like that were created by alien intelligences to test how much computation and grunt work humans will willingly do for fun. In the 2 hours before I had to go home, we got through 5 turns. I figure winning the game would take at least 50 turns. Granted, there were a few beginners at the table (including me) so later turns would probably be quicker but still, who has that kind of time? See also: ASL, in which you reenact world war 2 battles at painstaking levels of detail.

It was fun hanging out with my friends though!

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