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Pantsless Tokyo

Pantsless Yoyogi
Well, we tried. I saw a post on couchsurfing with plans for a pantsless train ride, part of No Pants 2010 organized by Improv Everythingwhere. The consensus among some Japanese people I talked to the night before is that it would mostly be foreigners – the concept is a bit weird for Japanese.

The chosen train line was the Yamanote Line, which is probably Tokyo’s busiest train line. It runs in a big loop around central Tokyo – anything important is on the Yamanote Line, or one train connection away from it.

I showed up at Ikebukuro Station (1 station after the start), took off my pants in a washroom, and walked upstairs to the platform… there were a few security guards there who saw me but didn’t do anything except laugh. Then I got the word from a French participant on the platform: “put your pants on or they won’t let you on the train. We’ll take our pants off on the train.”

Sure enough, when the train arrived a few minutes later, the designated car was full of police officers and JR security guards. I got on the car next to it (which was my plan all along.) Word was that there were plainclothes officers in every car, and they were threatening to arrest anyone who participated. A few minutes after we boarded, two police officers came up to us and one of them asked us in English if we were part of the no pants ride… he told us “there’s no no pants ride. Keep your pants on or you will be arrested.”

So yeah. No no pants ride.

After the ride we headed to Yoyogi Park as planned. At least 2 people at the park had actually managed to board the train without pants, and in both cases they were detained and yelled at (but not arrested) by the police. They also kept several people off the car by simply blocking the doors when they saw someone on the platform without pants.

We took some pantsless photos in the park, then headed to an Izakaya (Japanese style pub) where drinking and more pantslessness ensued.

And that was that. Here’s a news article in English – it has links to an article in Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s largest newspaper, and a blog, where commenters mostly thought that the police response was a complete waste of police overtime and public money.

We think that “honest man” on the Facebook event tipped off the police. From what I’ve heard, last halloween there was a party on the Yamanote Line where a bunch of Japanese people took the social convention of “anything goes when you’re drunk” a bit too far and smashed up the inside of the train car. So when the police heard of another weird event on the Yamanote, they reacted.

We may try again. This time it will be invite-only, details by email to people whom the organizers have met and checked out. And it won’t be on the Yamanote Line.

Teen Sleuth is back!

If you missed it at fringe, or (like me) saw it at fringe and need to see it again, Teen Sleuth and the Freed Cyborg Choir is playing Wednesday -> Funday at MainLine Theatre.

I’m going on either Wednesday, Caturday, or Funday. Let me know if you want to join in!

Last Minute Birthday Dinner

My birthday snuck up on me this year but I still want to do something. If you’re free on Friday, come out for dinner! If not, no worries, I’ll have a proper house party sometime this summer :)

PLEASE RSVP BY THURSDAY EVENING so I can reserve – here or on FB

Note: the restaurant is within walking distance to Saph’s, though unfortunately I can’t go this week.

Friday, May 29, 2009, 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Om Tibetan Restaurant, 4382 St Laurent

The return of Ceiling Cat

Ceiling Cat finally made it to Montréal from California on Caturday, December 20. I got up on Sunday the 21st and needed something to do as a distraction from the rest of my life. Then I spotted Him, still packed flat and wrapped up in an old bedsheet. There was to be a Solstice celebration that evening in NDG Park with lanterns. Perfect:

Trailer Cat

I spent all day building, then We rode out during the first blizzard of the winter and had fun solsticing.

Thanks to jbailey for getting him here from and for taking the photo above!

Building-of photos here, including how he looked before folding.

CN tower climb

I’m doing the CN tower stair climb this April 18… Let me know if you’re interested in joining in. Infos here, and you can sponsor me by donating to the World Wrestling Federation if that’s your kind of thing. (Tax receipts for donations of $20 or more.)

morning bright rise

“Good morning.”
“Have you seen the coffee filters?”
“Corner cupboard.”
“Did you see what Zoe did to the toilet roll?”
“Yeah, that dog can be bad.”
“You’ve worked in a restaurant before?”
“Yeah, I figured I should warm up the coffee cups.”
“Hey, man.”
“Did you see the toilet roll?”
“Yeah. Zoe was bored.”
“Why is there hot water in the coffee cups?”
“Warming them up. Just dump it out.”
“Where are you skiing today?”
“Thanks for letting us stay at your condo.”
“No worries, have fun today.”
“Want some coffee?”

“Time to go?”
“Yeah, I’m on the loading dock.”
“Have a great day everyone!”

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Canoe trip teal deer

Friday night: Met up with 10 other nutcases in front of the Shatner building. It was raining a bit but there was no snow on the ground in Montréal – but things would soon change for us. The drive out to Floodwood Pond was uneventful – the border guard asked us a lot of questions, but I think most of them were because she was bored. After the border the 4 people in our car waited for the other cars, and to our surprise only 6 more people showed up. Our concern quickly vanished as we learned that J.Y. got an urgent call from work and was dropped off in Châteauguay to make his way back to Montréal.
cut for Teal Deer

2 mini reviews

1. If you like EBM music, you need to see the Crüxshadows at your next opportunity. Totally worth the 4 hour drive to Albany from Montréal.

2. The Sol LeWitt exhibit at MASS MoCA is made of pure win. You have approximately 25 years to go see it, so there’s no excuse to miss out. MASS MoCA is in the small town of North Adams – about 1.5 hours out of your way to make the round trip if you’re driving to New York (or Albany) and 2 hours out of your way if you’re heading to Boston.

Church of Ceiling Cat photos & words

Here are all the Church of Ceiling Cat photos I know of. I was planning to take more on Sunday night, but we ended up taking everything down on Sunday morning.

And here are the words…

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