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A good therapist

I found this printed on a dead tree and was going to send it to a friend, but I’m posting it here mostly as a personal archive of useful information:

Here’s what you should look for in a good therapist.  Some good signs are:

  • Someone you know says this therapist has helped her with a similar problem in concrete ways.
  • The therapist offers a plan that focuses on helping you reach the goals you’ve set, and it’s clear to you how what the therapist does will help you reach your goals.
  • This therapist uses a variety of methods depending on your problem and who you are.
  • You have an ongoing sense that this therapist is more often than not helping you feel better in your life and helping your life work better.

Some bad signs are:

  • There’s no change in your life or how you feel or what you do after four sessions, or things actually get worse.
  • The therapist seems uninterested in the concrete realities of your current life.
  • The therapist is focused exclusively on ways you’ve been damaged, instead of on your needs or strengths.
  • The therapist seems to have one all-purpose theory or “answer” that explains everything.

Magma’); DROP TABLE users;– the kitty

Magma’); DROP TABLE users;–, originally uploaded by scjody.

I has a kitteh. He came home from the SPCA on Caturday, and he’s been mostly hiding under things and on shelves since then. Hopefully he’ll get used to the place soon :)

Surgery went well :)

Shoulder surgery went well, I think. I spent Tuesday in the hospital, came back to Montréal on Wednesday morning, and I’ve been recovering at home ever since. As predicted, recovery has been easier than last time because they didn’t do as much. They didn’t put in a nerve block (the anesthesiologist felt it wasn’t worth the risk) so it hurts a bit more, but it’s not too bad and getting better every day. Tomorrow I’m heading to Ottawa for a followup, which is when I get to find out what they actually did. I also expect to do a full day’s work, which will be nice because I’m tired of sitting at home and watching movies :)

There’s a photo of the incisions over here. One of about 2cm in the front, and one of about 1cm in the back. That’s all. Yay technology :)

Shoulder surgery, take 2

So this is my shoulder:

Shoulder xray, July 19, 2011

I had surgery about 5 years ago to stop it from dislocating… the fix was to add 3 surgical anchors.  As you can see above, one of them’s come out, and I’m having surgery to fix it tomorrow in Ottawa with Dr. Liew (the same surgeon who did the original repair.)  This is a bit last minute but he had a cancellation and I really want to get this fixed because it hurts a lot so… here we go :)

If all goes well, I’ll be back in Montréal on Wednesday and I’ll be spending a few days not typing.  If you want to come over and watch movies or play board games, you’re more than welcome – give me a call or send an email with your phone number to

Oh yeah, here are a couple of posts from last time.

3 legged polar bears!

I visited Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories in October last year, and I was struck by the number of 3 legged polar bears I saw.

First, a few 4 legged ones, like the Arctic Alarm bear.  If I hired a polar bear to guard my shop, I’d want him to have a full complement of legs too!
Arctic Alarm

Then there’s this bear from a diamond shop in downtown Yellowknife:
Diamond bear

And the Sorel bear.  Makes sense that a boot company would be able to count legs correctly.
Sorel Bear

So, onto the 3 legged ones.  This is the bear that started my obsession with leg counting.  He works for the Northwest Territories government, and he doesn’t really seem to care.  “Hey, this is a government job.  I just have to do this for another few years and I can retire with a nice pension.”
3 Legged Polar Bear

And then there’s the Canadian North bear.  This bear is pissed off.  “What did you artists do to me?  How am I supposed to fly a plane like this?”
Canadian North Polar Bear

Finally, just to prove that the Northwest Territories government has at least one competent artist on staff, the iconic NWT license plate is in the shape of a… 4 legged polar bear. Hooray!
NWT license plate


I just bought a house. Buying a house is a lengthy process but my closing date was today, which means it’s legally mine and I have the keys.


I bought the house on the right.  It’s the same construction as the houses on the left but it needs a lot more love and attention.  It’s what’s called “fixer upper”, which is what I was looking for.  I don’t want to pay for someone else’s renovations and taste.  I want to renovate a place the way I want :)

It’s a 3 story duplex with a fully finished basement, so there are actually 2 units with 2 full floors of 600 square feet each.  There’s also a 700 square foot backyard!  Those of you who live in other places may not think this is much, but I assure you it’s huge for Le Plateau Mont-Royal (my favourite neighbourhood in my favourite city).  I’m not sure when I’ll be moving in – both floors are currently rented – but hopefully soon!

And of course I have so many projects.  I need to do some fairly boring things immediately, like change one of the water heaters, and I’m having the roof replaced in the next few days.  Next spring I hope to build a shed for Bicycle Storage and Large Projects, both things that have been lacking in my life of late.  Then, next time I get bored of the computer industry, I’ll take over the whole building and renovate ALL THE THINGS.  I plan on taking “eccentric homeowner” to the next level.  Just to warn you…

PS if you’re reading this on Facebook, they have decided to stop importing blog posts starting in about a week.  So if you want to read future posts from me, you’ll need to go to my blog directly or read it with an RSS reader like Google Reader.

Interesting times ahead.

This morning I bought a house in Montréal. Details later. Right now I’m off to Playa del Fuego, the twice-yearly Burning Man-inspired event in Delaware I attend whenever I can. Have a great weekend!

Pie sling!

Pie sling!This weekend was our mostly-annual Ride For Pie, where we cycle out of town to buy the best apple pies in the world. I forgot my bag on this year’s ride… so I invented a pie sling using a bicycle inner tube. The pies survived admirably.

In related news, life is good :)

Burning Man soon!

As usual, I’m heading to Burning Man soon. Unlike every other year though, I’m taking it easy. No theme camps, art projects, or anything like that. That hasn’t stopped my campmates from producing some art… I’m extremely impressed with how the “NOW Sundial” led by Simon is coming along! I’ve helped them out a bit and it’s been really nice to be able to spend a few hours helping build a Burning Man project I am NOT responsible for :) :) I definitely needed to take this year off.

I’ve signed up for a few Greeter shifts (again, happy to help with projects someone else is organizing.) Greeters are the official welcoming team at Burning Man, and we greet every vehicle that comes in – to explain the basics to new Burners, and to welcome everyone home. I’m greeting from midnight to 4AM on Tuesday and Friday, and from noon until 4PM on Wednesday – which is the naked shift. Yay for socially appropriate public nudity!

For those of you participating this year, I’ll be camped at NOW camp around 8:30 and D. See you on the playa!

Stop scrolling!

I just read some of the Toronto Pearson Wi-Fi acceptable use policy. It’s even more full of crap than your average AUP.

You agree to not use the Wi Fi Service to:
[…] disrupt the normal flow of dialogue, cause a screen to “scroll” faster than other users of the Wi Fi Service are able to type, or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other users’ ability to engage in real time exchanges;

So, if I load a webpage and scroll it down while reading, I have to scroll slower than everyone else using this service can type?

I’m convinced nobody actually read this AUP, including the people who wrote it.

Here’s a link to the AUP that may not work if you’re not actually at Pearson airport.

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