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Featuring Loretta

If you see only one Suburban Motel play, make it Featuring Loretta. Hilarious.

The others are worth seeing too, but that one is a must.

Caturday 21 Nov 2009 – 14:00 & 19:00
Funday 22 Nov 2009 – 14:00 & 19:00
Mainline Theatre

Plays tonight?

Anyone want to go see Featuring Loretta & The End of Civilization tonight at Mainline Theatre? These are plays 3 and 4 of the Suburban Motel series, but each is a standalone play so don’t worry if you missed the first two.

Go see Bent.

Those of you in Montréal who like plays MUST go see Altera Vitae’s production of Bent.  Awesome.

Also, welcome to my new blog.  WordPress + Dreamhost = significantly less suck than before.

Teen Sleuth is back!

If you missed it at fringe, or (like me) saw it at fringe and need to see it again, Teen Sleuth and the Freed Cyborg Choir is playing Wednesday -> Funday at MainLine Theatre.

I’m going on either Wednesday, Caturday, or Funday. Let me know if you want to join in!

Fringe list

My Fringe List: shows I definitely want to see, plus shows I’ve seen that you definitely need to see. May be updated throughout the week, or not.

Wildside Plans

The Wildside Festival is already well underway… here’s a chance to see some fringe and fringe-like plays you might have missed for 2x the price in a different theatre :)

I’m going to see everything I haven’t seen already:

  • The Sputniks, 21:00 Sunday January 18
  • The Ballad of the Young Offender, 19:00 Friday January 23
  • The Invisible Life Of Joseph Finch, 21:00 Friday January 23
  • The Shape of a Girl, 13:00 Caturday January 24

Anything not on my list is also worth seeing, I’ve just seen it already :)

Patrick was working at MainLine tonight and informed me of an important fact: exactly 6 months to Fringe!!!

theatre: the other 355.242199 days of the year.

Do you miss the fringe already? Wondering how to find out about theatre in Montréal during the rest of the year?

The best listing I know of is the QDF Theatre Calendar. It’s available on their website (as PDF, sadly), they’ll mail you a copy if you become a “friend”, or you can find copies lying around theatres like MainLine.

Anyone have any other good resources? Anything I should sign up for? “Check XXX theatre’s schedule on their website” doesn’t work for me, unfortunately.

Apparently THUNDERSPANK is back for one night only – Monday at 8pm and 10pm at the MainLine.

I’m going to one of those – anyone else interested in seeing it, or seeing it again?

Thanks to girlintheclouds for pointing this out!

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